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Does the garage door remote require special care?

You need to replace the batteries regularly and protect the clicker from water and breaking. It pays off to clean the transparent cap above the infrared unit. When you replace the batteries, the professionals from garage door repair company in Atascocita recommend that you clean the contact plates.

How do I inspect the garage door parts?

Turn off the opener motor first and disconnect the unit from the power source which it uses. Then inspect all parts from the tracks to the torsion spring visually. Look for signs of rust, wear and tear, bending and damage.

What is headroom and what is it for?

The headroom is the distance between the lowest part of the ceiling above the garage door and the garage door itself. Most openers require a certain space for headroom to be installed to operate properly. It is one of the measurements you have to take note of when considering a new garage door opener.

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