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Treat stuck hinges with a bit of kerosene

Kerosene is a great simple treatment for hinges which do not operate properly. Our experts in Atascocita recommend that you use a thin brush to apply tiny amounts of it to all crevices. You should wait for it to work for about half an hour and then wipe the parts clean.

Align garage door tracks by adjusting the bolts

Misalignment typically occurs due to bolts that have loosened up. You should identify them and tighten them using an appropriate wrench. If this does not help, you may want to loosen up bolts which are too tight. This should resolve the problem effectively.

Test the torsion spring’s tension twice a year

Disconnect the opener first and then lift the door by hand until its halfway open. When you reach this position, release the door and step away. Watch how the unit behaves. If it shoots up or drops down at great speed, the spring will need adjustment. In the first case, there is too much tension and it has to be reduced. In the second case, the tension was to be increased through winding.

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